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Blane Rose Li
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Sup? I'm LastoftheWolves AKA Blane Rose Li (to fit both sides of me, since I'm genderfluid). I love to roleplay (rp), and make new friends. I love to take nature and animal photographs, and I'm starting to get into drawing. My page is currently under renovations, but that won't slow me from talking to anyone! :D If you want, add me on Facebook. My username on there is Blane Rose Li (changed recently).


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I'm so damn tired of people saying Caitlyn Jenner isn't courageous, or comparing her to a war hero and saying that's courage, and what she did isn't.

Both are. It's not a test. Courage is something small as a child getting over their fear and riding that horse or petting that dog or saying hello.

Courage is standing up for yourself to those bullies, even if they might beat the hell out of you for it.

Courage is coming out as who you are, and changing your life because of it, whether it's self harm, gender, or even just saying you're different with your ideas and how you look at things, and not being afraid of it.

Courage is fighting for what you believe in and care about. Whether it be in war across the sea, or the war going on in your own town, even if it's fighting for your family against the gangs around your house.

Courage isn't about a test of how good it is of what you did. It's of doing something that scares you, or doing something brave, or not hiding anymore, etc.

Quit comparing people and telling only one of them they have courage.

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The wind howls, screaming in rage and pain.
The thunder erupts through the sky, shaking the world around me.
The lightning strikes, sending waves of pain throughout me.
The rain pours down, pounding into my skin.

I stand there, just taking it all. Unable to change it.

Another scream.
Another quake caused by the sky.
Another burst of infuriating pain.
All as the rain falls hard.

And all i can do is stand as I watch the swirling vortex that's ripping everything to shreds, approaches.

My mind screams with so many emotions.
My thoughts create an unstoppable torrent, destroying everything.
My world shakes hard enough to send me crumbling to the ground.
The pain I feel jolts through me repeatedly, in large, sudden bursts.

And I just stand there, taking it all, keeping my mouth shut.

I think it's why I love storms, no matter how bad they get.
It's as if seeing the earth is raging on as my soul craves to.
It's as if Mother Nature herself is relieving the pain I don't know how to.

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A picture of my first cat
The barbie pillow I received as a child
That holds so many tears
You could create a new ocean to drown yourself in

I depict sadness in a daily smile with broken eyes
That reflect the shattered soul behind them
It's the tears that fall down your face
As you lose your hair from the chemo

It is the betrayal of a loved one
The cold sidewalk hugging you close
When you're kicked out for being born the opposite of your genitals
And the hunger ripping at your gut as you starve to death

Sadness is the blade on your skin and fingers in your throat
It is the man in uniform saying your husband is gone
As your daughter leaves for war a week after
It is the broken plates on the floor

Sadness is the bruises on your skin
The voices in your head ripping you to shreds
It is the missing child
It is the casket at a funeral

It is sadness
I went from little to no activity other than having to sort through deviations, to being spammed by le gift of ze llamas! While I love it, I'm so thrown off! Why do I keep getting on to see a bunch of llamas!? XD If someone can explain, that would be great.
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